For if we are not fully conscious of what we were, hardly can we really understand who we are now and how we can have a clear vision of what we ought to be.” – Professor Sophie Oluwole

This space is dedicated to exploring cultural practices from pre-colonial African societies, from a holistic gaze. By engaging with culture and ancestry in this manner, this space aims to draw attention to unseen aspects of tradition and gauge how they interact with the body, mind and spirit. In addition, to promote discussion about how to discern and apply lessons from the past to our own lives in a meaningful way, for personal and collective growth.

Having a good understanding of the past is key to the process of intimately knowing who we are. It is my hope that, by showcasing various societies of the past, this space will provide an opportunity to learn about pre-colonial African history and gain important knowledge from the past, to assist us in thriving in our present.



Anike Bello is the founder of Òrò Àníké. She is a London raised Yoruban with a keen interest in people, mobility, spaces and heritage. Anike’s background is in social policy and human rights, with a focus on immigration and asylum, her writing has been featured in publications including Media Diversified, The Black Expat and Checkout Africa.

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